RZAMO, is a joint project of contemporary jewelry which respectfully revitalizes the ancestral traditions of the native people of our country, capable of conveying the emotion and strength of primitive art.

With great respect, our challenge is to bring our past alive by designing unique pieces for cosmopolitan women.

In our workshop, we combine ancient techniques of craftsmanship with new resources, always valuing the work and effort of our artisans. The materials used by the communities are supported by a civic and social organization that respects the fair trade of the handicrafts produced.(www.arteyesperanza.com.ar).

Our jewels, made of 24k gold plated brass or 925 silver, are handcrafted. In some cases, we combine them with regional stones and natural fibers, elaborated by the native communities of our country.

RZAMO are jewels with historical value and great craftsmanship.